Invite Nick to speak to your company, law firm retreat, group event, or conference.

Nick delivers engaging, high-value content on how to build authority, an audience, and an online presence by creating compelling content and gives easy-to-implement guidance on how to quickly build content that connects with your ideal audience and draws them toward you and your business.

Nick's speaking and training topics include:

  • The three types of people with whom every business and law firm needs to build relationships to grow their business
  • How to build real relationships in a virtual world
  • How to use social media efficiently but effectively
  • How to build momentum for your law firm marketing in only one hour per week
  • How and why to write a book in your spare time in less than six months
  • How to plan your book so it helps you grow your business while you help your readers
  • How to write content that connects with your ideal audience (without running out of things to say)
  • Social media for professionals
  • How to optimize your social media profiles
  • 5 ways to repurpose and refresh old content
  • 4 ways to write a book even if you're not a writer
  • and more…

Nick is an excellent speaker and trainer and expert in creating content to achieve business and professional goals while serving your audience with top-notch information.

If you or your colleagues are struggling with a particular facet of law firm marketing, individual law practice marketing, social media for law firms or businesses, content creation, or content marketing, Nick can design custom training to help you get unstuck and provide you with an easy-to-implement plan to reach and attract your ideal customers without having to unplug from your main business activities.